Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stonehenge, Bath and Cotswolds

Our first overnight trip outside of London took us first to Stonehenge. With London traffic and some local errands to do, it was 3 pm by the time we left London. We had a smooth drive, reaching Rollestone Manor, a few miles from Stonehenge, by around 5 pm. After checking in to our lovely room and having a cup of tea, we headed to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge needs no introduction, and our visit lived up to expectations. It was 30 minutes to closing time by the time we entered the complex, and it might be due to this that the place was not crowded. We got some great views of the ancient rocks silhouetted against the evening sun.

We had a lovely dinner and goof breakfast the next morning at the house restaurant, after which we left for Bath via Avebury. Avebury is a lesser known collection of ancient rock structures, like Stonehenge. Though the individual rocks are smaller, here one can walk next to the rocks.

Bath is an old Roman settlement, containing, as the name suggests, Roman baths. We went for an evening visit to the bath complex when the ancient baths were lit by torches, making for a wonderful spectacle.

The next day, we left for the Cotswolds region. We had lunch at Painswick, where we also visited the local church. Our destination was the town of Chipping Campden, which we reached in the early evening. We went for an evening walk in the pleasant town, but could not view the local church as it was closed by the time we reached it.

Chipping Campden was the last stop of our all too short tour around the western region of England.

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